Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Going mobile on BB

Hi guys! Yesterday my iphone plunged into a bucket of water. I know I know how stupid of me huhuhu but Life and Love must go on. I mostly do some of my blogging on mobile since I have so much work today that requires me to travel a lot. I do hope and pray that my iphone will still turn on. See you soon for the next blogging episode of me guys! Hehe thanks..

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Friday, August 24, 2012

TVD S1,S2 and S3 Bloopers

Video by (Mikeya0902)

So I was fidgeting my phone hours ago looking what am I going to write today for Fashion-Friday (Different topics for different days so that i have a guide what to write. hehehe) Anyways, while i was looking any interesting fashion videos on You Tube, I stumbled on this video. Since I am a great fan of the very talked about “The Vampire Diaries” I was very curious what the actors would look like when they’re caught off guard or make some small mistakes during their takes. Since the Vampire Diaries shows a lot of emotion like love, anger, revenge and resentment, I’d like to see them in a whole another side which is them, being just their self on set.

I have a few favorite parts of the video. One was where Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) accidentally pulled the Statue over that led to Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) saying “Oh my God!”. Second one was when Nina Dobrev (playing the role of Katherine Petrova) accidentally stepped on her own dress and fell to the ground while she was trying to let Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) chase her. This part Ian was laughing so hard. But my favorite part of the video was the last part. Where Ian Introduced himself to Taylor Kinney (Mason Lockwood) as Ian. They were all laughing so hard! They sure know have to have fun in the set but at the end, they deliver their lines and acting so well that they can really capture the hearts and emotions of their viewers.

Light moments guys! hope you guys enjoy the Video!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Don’t be afraid of your past


Photo credits to ZsaZsa Bellagio

“Don’t let your past dictate who you are, but let it be part of who you will become.” -My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Saw this reposted on twitter, and I agree on what it says. For me,I chose to look at life in a very positive way. The things that happened in the past, the mistakes I made are Life’s greatest lesson to me. If I hadn’t dome those things, I wouldnt have what I have right now. Everyone I think has that one mistake that you wish you could undo. That one mistake that made tou wish that you could have done something. I believe that everything happens for a reason.I may not have known it before, but I know today that I learned many valuable lessons. Sometimes, some people think negatively of the past. It’s as if as something that’s chasing you. For me, my past is a reminder to me of how human I am. That I make mistakes, I learn from it, and it made me a better person that I am today. I have always asked myself before, why do people leave and hurt me so much? At that time I would always doubt myself if I have been a good person or not. Then, I came to realize that those persons who came and left me or those people who have hurt me in the past, or those that led me to make bad decisions before are just instruments to make me be thankful for what I have today.

I beleive that you create your own destiny, this day will become your past, make the most of it. Life is what you make it. Dont be afraid or be ashamed of your past, because if you look inside yourself, you know deep down that somewhere in your past, you learned great leasons in life. Think positive always, you control your life. Don’t bither listening to people who are constantly bringing you down because of the things that you did in the past. Rise up and prove to them that you are now a better person because you survived the hardships and trials that went your way.

I can say, that I am a living proof that the pastdoes not define you. It is what molds you into a better person for others! It made me realize that I should value life and love myself more. That’s why today I feel so blessed to have my husband and son with me. Other people may judge me, but as long as I have faith in God that I can do better and rise up above all the trials and hardships, there’s no use of being afraid of the past!

Think positive, all is not lost. Always remember that Life is a journey, not a problem to be solved. Enjoy every bit of it, have fun today, for tommorw is uncertain. All we can is just pray that the Lord will guide us through our everyday decisions.

Good vibes to all of you my dear readers! =)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY Door-Name-Hanger

A few weeks ago, I posted my DIY crates as shelf and is now being used in our newly built cabin for rent. Over the long weekend i was looking around the house for any other recyclable materials that i may use to make te door name hangers for our room for rent also. I realized That we had a lot of old dvds. I thought of creating something out of them as they are taking a huge space over our tv. With a little help from my mom and my husband, I am very proud to have made this!


my finished product! yay!!

So this is how I made this.I hope you could bare with me on this DIY post of mine. hehehe


These are the materials that you will be needing

First, I printed out letters to the name of the rooms that I will be making. Then my mom helped me buy cutting the letters one by one. Make sure that the letters are large enough to be read. I used georgia for the font and the size of the font as 200.


Next is that I traced the dvds on the scrap cloth that I had. That scrap cloth was a trimming of our buntings that we made for our coffee shop. I traced the number of dvds according to the number of letters for the room. Then, I let my husband cut out the cloth carefully as to follow the lines that were made.


I hope you could bare with me on the next steps. I havent taken any pictures further because my phone’s battery got drained. But don’t worry, the next fee steps are very easy!

After all the circles were cut out, I used the shiney part of the DVD (the part of the dvd opposite the label) and placed glue all over it. I used an average amount just to cover the whole dvd. Then i carefully placed the cloth over it. Wait for 10-15 minutes for it to dry. Then I placed the cut out letters in the center od the dvd. Continue doong that till all of the letters can now be read. Then I made small roses using the crepe paper and placed it somewhere that it can be recognized. I also use the scrap bias tape to make a rose.

Then I cut small pieces of the crepe paper made it into a small paper mache circle then outlined the dvds.It is very important that you measure first the dvds to the door so that you’ll know what design to use to make it fit. After measuring, I used the glue gun to put the dvds together then i let my husband put more hot glue at the back of the dvds before i could place them on the door.

Now you can sit back and enjoy your creation! I hope you guys enjoy it and I promise, the next time I make a tutorial, I post more detailed photos! hehehe thank you!

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Walk off the Earth

Video by : Walk off the Earth

A few weeks ago, I posted a video on my WordPress blog about The Piano Guys. I love their cover of what makes you beautiful by one direction. Their video was fun and very wholesome and nice to hear. Great voice, and very talented guys!

The very first time I saw the video of the group "walk of the earth" was when I was looking for a cover of Somebody that I used to know by Gotye. When I saw their cover of it, I was mesmerized to see that they just had 1 guitar and there were 5 of them playing it. yes, you read that right, 5 people playing one guitar. I was watching it with my husband, and immediately we started to watch more of their videos. Their original compositions are very good also. I have also seen them guesting in the Ellen DeGeneres show showcasing them for reaching 35 million views in 2 weeks! Yes that's right 35 MILLION views on YouTube in 2 weeks. hehehe

They are cool guys and gal living in Ontario, Canada. I admire how much they could play the guitars and drums! Great voices also, not to mention they are all handsome and very pretty. Their videos are very light with a touch of humor. When watching their video it makes you feel that you are also there with them having fun! Very spontaneous and very innovative. By innovative i can see that they improvise some household things as musical instruments After I saw their cover of Somebody that I used to know by Gotye, I immediately subscribed to their YouTube account. And now they have a new cover of Payphone sang by  our (my husband and I) favorite band Maroon 5!

I hope you guys could visit their You Tube page and also their website! Walk off the Earth! you guys rock!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pearl Farm Davao

A few years ago, my sister came home from her OJT in the UK. The family decided to go on an out of town trip to celebrate my sister's home coming! Since we haven't been to Davao as a family, we decided to have our family vacation there. It took us around 6-7 hours of traveling by land on a private car. But man i tell you my butt was so sore from the travel, i was 5 months pregnant then. I didn't complain because i know that after all this, it's gonna be worth it! And i was right! We went to the butterfly farm and crocodile farm in Davao. We enjoyed it so much, we even played paint ball. Maybe after this post I can also write about the butterfly farm and crocodile farm experience we had. All of these was taken during May of 2009. The rates may have changed since the time we were there. feel free to check their website guys, pearlfarmresort.com

Since we wanted to try out Pearl Farm, we went to their reception area. We payed for our rooms for an overnight stay and we patiently waited for the ferry to take us to the island. While we were waiting, we enjoyed playing and talking at their very spacious waiting area.They also have a small cafe where you can sit down, drink coffee and read the newspaper.

When the ferry boat arrived, we traveled for almost 10 to15 minutes from their reception area to the island itself where the hotel was located. We arrived late in the afternoon already, and we were greated by drum rolls, juice and and a short welcome message from the staff of the hotel.


The food was very nice and very delicious. every meal is an all-you-can-eat buffet! We enjoyed the different variety of food that was displayed every meal. The presentation was nice and very tempting to look at for another second heaping. to top of it all, I'd rate it a 10! Their juice is really fresh!


I rate it a 10 also. the sheets are crisp and clean, comfortable beds and the bath room is very spacious and very clean! It's a place where i want to stay for the rest of the day! Knowing i was 5 months preganant at that time, i did not have a hard time sleeping because it was so comfortable to sleep with. our accommodation was in the Mandaya House.

If i could go back again to pearl farm, I'd gladly go back there to fully experience the island. An overnight stay is not enough to enjoy the amenities of the hotel! they also have their own souvenir shop, a spa and of course they have a small vehicle going around the vicinity of the island to accommodate guests to go from one point of the resort to another without having to have sore feet. But on the other side, walking around the resort is also nice because you get to experience nature at it's best and it serves also as an exercise while you're at it. They also have tons of water activities for the guests, but we only did the paddle boat because we were short of our time.

The night we stayed at the hotel, there was an End of the Summer Party at Malipano Island. It's part of the resort but located on another island.We had to ride small boats from our island to Malipano island. It was just a 5 minutes boat ride. They had fire dances, games and of course live band. Don't forget the food! We didnt stay that long at the party because my tummy was already acting up. The baby inside me wants to go to sleep already. To top it all we really did enjoy that party even if we had to leave early

We woke up early the next day to have breakfast and to prepare to check out. I for one haven't experienced the whole resort, but i had a great time because i was with my family and enjoyed the fun activities and the memories we made there together!.

So guys, if you want to have the time of your life and experience a 5 star resort at its totally best, you have to try pearl farm resort! It's more fun in the Philippines! you get to experience nature and have fun at the same time. Check them out at their website.click here.

The Parola Bar

their Spa area.

The early morning shot from our part of the resort.

the pool beside our Villa.

My brother and sister

My mama and Papa, waiting for our ferry boat to take us to the island

Me and my Husband

Checking in at the hotel!

Traveling for almost a day already. hehehe

Our ferry boat that will bring us to the paradise island of Pearl Farm.

Ticket's Tickets!

The Infinity Pool!

This is how i roll and relax! pregnant tourist on the go!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Life's Little Miracle

I found this blog post i made after i gave bith to my son last September 2009! This blog post is a blast from the past post for me! i Hope you enjoy reading it guys!

" my life's little miracle"

When i first found out that i was pregnant i was already in my 3rd month and the last month for the first trimester. That was when my boyfriend (now my husband) and i realized that we need to do the all-time-pregnancy-kit-test. We tried it when our housemates were already asleep and we silently went to the comfort room to do the test. When it was time to use the kit i was 80 percent sure that i was pregnant but i needed the kit for a 99 percent confirmation (1 % was for me going to the ob-gyne) ok, when i did the test a part of me wished i wasnt pregnant but when the pregnancy kit gave me 2 straight lines i couldnt explaine me feelings. My first reaction was that i smiled and deep down inside me made me feel the luckiest girl alive.. "IM GONNA BE A MOM" it didnt occured to me to be sad or what. now i know what to explain the feeling that i felt during that time. i was overwhelmed. So overwhelmed that i could not speak a single word or even shed a single tear of joy or a tear of anxiety (if there is such a thing as that). Well for a 22 year old girl who's still trying to finish some cases as a nursing student, i couldnt help it but be afraid or should i say that i was quite shockedby the news that i just told my then boyfriend " what will we do" and i've been repeating it for like a million times to him with me clutching the pregnancy kit so hard in my palms that i want it to sink in so that i could accpet it and that i would seem true for me. My boyfriend just hugged me so tight and just said " don't worry, i wont leave you. we will push throught with the pregnancy. i'll do whatever i can to make this easy for you. we'll go home and i'll face your parents that even if your dad would punch me stright in the face i would accept it. so i guess i just have to exercise my face for your dad." And that made me feel secure, knowing that my boyfriend was responsible enough to accept the things that just strucked us like lightning. so we went to sleep, he cradled me in his arms wich made me feel the more secure and happy. i wished that this was just a dream that when i wake up all of this would just dissapear like a bubble bursting in the air.

When i woke up the next morning, i saw the pregnancy kit with the positive sign on it, it was the first time that i broke down and cried my heart out. i was crying while touching my tummy, saying to myself " this is so true, what will i do? what am i going to tell my parents, how will they react?" then it all started. i went to an ob-gyne that day with my husband and we first heard my son's heart beat.

when we first heard it i cried. it was not because i am sad but because it was the MOST WONDERFUL SOUND i have ever heard in my life. And it was confirmed that i was 3 months pregnant.

It was not until i was on my fifth month when my parents knew that i was pregnant. my mom had hints already but was just waiting for my confirmation. she started to tell me that im getting a lot bigger than i used to and my boobs are getting big, knowing that i once was an A cap(hehehe). when we told my mom she went crying all over the car. (she wanted us to tell her inside the car because she knew what was comming already). She was telling me thing like " how could you not used any condoms?! why did you ever think of doing it without being safe?!!" well, you could just imagine other things she was asking us. but to cut it all, the next morning my mom talked to me, she was just worried because she thought i was not taking good care of the baby and that if i was doing pre natal check ups and drinking enough vitamins and milk for me and my baby. i know the news shocked them and made them think that they were a failure on me. but i dont think that they ever made a mistake. it was the decisions i made that made this into such a dillema for our family during that time. when my dad knew about it, he just kept quiet and accepted it, because he said" what else can we do?"

my pregnancy went very well because my family was very supportive of me. everyone was so thrilled to see the baby already. when i was nearing my due date everyone wanted me to give birth on my dad's birthday on the 4th of september. i was already very big and very pregnant on my 8th month. we tried walking along the malls for some exercise and swimming also helps. a week before my EDC i went for my weekly check up with my ob-gyne when she did the leopold maneuver she said that my baby was still floating but in the proper position for giving birth already. When i had my ultrasound the following day my baby had turned 360 degrees that he was on his butt. my doctor told me of a possible c-section but we were still positive that the baby would turn becuase we still have one week left. i did all hat i could do to make him move. monday came August 31,2009 i had my last ultrasound. i was excited to know that my baby had turned to his proper position getting ready for labor. but it turned out that he didnt moved at all. i was crying all over my doctors clinic because i didnt want to have the c- section. but we have no choice. I AM HAVING THE C-SECTION. the doctor gave me a choice either to go into labor and wait if the baby could still move or schedule a c-section. but we could not wait any longer because we wanted it to be scheduled on my dad's birthday but the thing is there is no doctor available in september 4th because they will be leaving. so we scheduled it the next day. tuesday september 1, 2009 i was scheduled for a c-section at 2pm. i was very nervous and yet excited to see my son.

since i was still recovering from the operation i got to see my baby 5 mins after they closed me and after one whole day where i have to learn how to sit down with all the excrutiating pain in my tummy area. i got to go and give you your very first breast fed milk.

and from then on i was felt like i was the happiest person in the world. to have seen a complete miracle being cradled in my arms. the best thing that ever happened in my life was to hear you cry when you were being pulled out from me. and from then on i know that you would always be my life's little miracle!

Almost There

Hi there guys!

I've been thinking a lot lately which site am i going to update more. Is it gonna be wordpress or blogger?  There's one thing i realized after last nights realization, that i can customize more my blog here in blogger than at wordpress where i have to buy the domain for me to fully customize it. At first I found it very hard to edit and put some blogs thru my blogger account, but now that i have the hang of it I'm starting to enjoy it already. I updated my profile and the appearance of my blog. The more i edited it since last night until now, i realized that the site is becoming more "ME". I really believe that your site defines who you are and the things that you like. I must say that I'm not that much of a blog expert, im just a newbie, but I'm enjoying every bit of it. I love that I'm starting to learn some tricks in editing pictures, in doing some links and all the beginners ricks about having a blog. Not that of an expert but at least a little research online did helped a lot.

All I can say that even starting a blog of my own made me realize that there is still a lot to learn. In all things you do, life is really an opportunity to learn everyday. Blogging has made me realize a lot lately,that i could really pour out my thoughts through writing and that i could express it and be happy about it. I have been fond of writing since i was in grade school. I guess all those formal theme writing really payed off.

I hope and pray, that I can continue the blogging euphoria that I have started and be diligent in writing. I hope you guys enjoy reading my blogs as much as i enjoy writing them! thank you guys!

Game of Thrones!

picture credited to www.makinggameofthrones.com
At first, i have always wondered what people were talking about this new HBO series last year, but i havent given a thought of watching it because i was so hooked up on Supernatural and Pretty Little Liars.
While i was watching the Emmy’s last year, Peter Dinklage (also known in the series as Tyrion Lannister “the Imp”) won the title as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. I was curious on how his acting was on Game of Thrones that made him win that award.
So Early this year, i finihed watching some of the series that i have downloaded, i thought of going backto reading. So i posted on Facebook and asked some frieds what books could they recommend me to read. A few books were suggested but there were 2 that caught my interest in their titles, which was the hunger games trilogy, and The Game of Thrones also. So i decided i should first watch the TV series of The Game of Thrones. The Verdict? I am inlove all over again! the plot of the story and the cast has left me wanting for more episodes! the characters of the series were portrayed in an excellent manner! This is how i became a fan of Peter Dinklage! He acts the part right, and i loveTyrion Lannister’s character too. After finishing the whole season 1, I starte to read the first book. A song of Fire and Ice on my iphone. since i love the story as it progressed on the book, I am now going to buy the paperback version, because a book like this deserves to be displayed in my mini library. Now waiting for te other episodes in season 2! thanks to all my twitter friends who encouraged me to watch this show! Will be reading the books a few days from now, and i am so excited.

Happy 3!!!

1 Corinthians 13 1-13
1If I speak in the tonguesa of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames,b but have not love, I gain nothing.
4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
8Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. 11When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. 12Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
13And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

This was one of the readings during our church wedding last October 8, 2011. We chose this ourselves because for us, that is how love should be.
We have been happily married for 3 years already, and we’ve been wed 3 times also. funny isn’t it? hehehe. My husband and i find it very amusing.We would always say that no one could ever break our bond of marriage because we were wed three times. And this is how it all goes.
My husband and I decided that we were going to get married as soon as i finish school and after i will take the board exam. The plan changed suddenly, i got pregnant! I was pregnant with our son Thirdy by the time we decided we wanted to tie the knot now!. I was 5 months pregnant then, so to not give any more complications for when i give birth (like my son’s birth certificate and passports and all) we decided to have a simple civil wedding. So both of our families planned to have it on JUNE 25, 2009. My father called up his friend who was a mayor of a certain town near us to preside our wedding. And since there were lots of requirements for us to comply and i was too tired to come back and forth to the town office, my father sent someone to do the work for us. We were very sure that everything was in place in time for the wedding. When June 25th came, we went early to the municipal town to check if we really had a schedule on that day. To our surprise, we cant be wed on that day because we didn’t came back to let our parents sign the permits (i was 22 back then, and it was part of their law that if the girl being married has not yet reached the age of 25 one of her parent has to sign a permission letter, for the boys, he has to be 25 also) To make the long story short, my dad called up the mayor and good thing he was a good friend of ours, he agreed to do the ceremony without the papers yet and that we have to come back after 10 days to sign the papers to be processed in the Civil registry. 
so after 10 days, we went back and check the papers to be submitted already. our new wedding date would have to be July 6, 2009. then i realized i don’t like the number 6, so i asked the lady in charge if i could change our marriage date to July 8, 2009. And she agreed. so our permanent wedding date that was passed to the Civil  registrar was JULY 8, 2009.
This was us during our june 25th wedding. 

see how big my tummy was? hehehe
2 years after we decided to tie the knot again! this time, we wanted to have God’s blessing! we had our church wedding last October 8, 2011. which was one of the happiest days of our lives! being married in front of God and in front of all the people who were there to witness our love.
finally!! this is us during our church wedding last October 8, 2011
We decided to celebrate our anniversary every July 8, so as not to forget the exact date that was passed to the Civil Registrar and all important documents that we have.
happy to have reached 3 years with my love! praying to reach a hundred more years with him! 

Lending our Hands

Last December 16, 2011 at around midnight, my city Cagayan de Oro was hit by typhoon Sendong. Many people lost their properties and their lives also. It was a bad time for us. I knew a lot of people who lost their loved ones, who lost their home, some of my friends stayed on their roof and some also hanged on trees as they try to cling on for their lives.
My family was fortunate enough that nothing happened to us or our property. and i can really say, that during those times, social media was the number 1 tool that made us all aware of what was happening around CDO. through facebook and twitter, i found other people who were willing to help others in need. Me, together with my family, my husband and my siblings and some friends also decided to do small things for our fellow kagay-anons.
together with my sister Karen Gadot (@kgadot) Justine Raagas (@justineraagas) and Eira Caberte (@EiraCaberte) we started the carepacks for the mothers and kids from infant to 2 years old. We recieved donations from abroad and from all over the country. We were also fortunate to have worked with some of the volunteers from All Hands! we pitched up tents as temporary home for the victims of the typhoon Sendong. It was also thru twitter that i was invited to put up tents with them. thanks to Irene Aserios (@mindanaoan) Jacque Baula (@jacqueebaula) miss Emz Cortez (@IamPinkEm) Emil Cid (@bukidnonvoice) and our friends who came all the way from Manila! Gero and Jill David! they are siblings who learned about us thru twitter also. The odds of them finding us to help rebuild CDO. Also to the volunteers of Ate Irene and CDO Bloggers also who helped in rebuilding the city after the tragic event.
I find it very empowering helping each other stand up after the depressing and tragic event that came upon us. It was as if we (the volunteers) knew each and everyone already by heart. It was an awkening to us that even strangers could become the brothers and aisters in the pursuit of doing something good for the others.
We feel very blessed also that a lot has helped us from the different parts of the world! we have gained new friends along the way, all though they live in different countries with dofferent cultures but when it comes to helping, they became one with us! I will never forget those times where we shared my home made carrot cake after a days work of pitching up tents at Tent City 2!
7 months has passed away after Sendong, and some of my old friends have transferred homes, moved on. Some areas still needed a lot of cleaning work to do. Rehabilitation is on it’s way, and I hope we kagay-anons would still continue to work hard for the betterment of our city!
the tents are here! with some of the All Hands volunteers
having some coconut juice with the local kids!
with the pretty miss Emzzz
with some of the volunteers! Ate Irene Aserios, Miss Emma, Jill, Gero, and my husband Gilbert and the volunteers from All Hands!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cozy Cabin

Hi guys!

We just had our soft opening of our second cabin in Dahilayan Bukidnon. I would like to share to you our rates. If you're looking for an affordable place to stay, Cozy Cabin is the place for you. We are just Five minutes away (walking distance) and less than 5 minutes drive from the very famous ZipZone! Check us out guys! For backpackers and for familys and friends also! please visit our facebook page. For inquiries please feel free to email us at cozycabindahilayan@gmail.com or text us at 09471114539. Hoping to see you guys there soon!

                                    COZY CABIN


Cabin   -     P3,500/night
-          Good for 8-10 persons. Inclusive of Refrigerator, Gas stove, Purified water with water dispenser, Rice cooker and all cooking and eating utensils.

Cabin 2 – Rooms only (on soft opening)

 Daffodil -       P1,500/ night. Good for 2 persons. (But can have 3 extra beds per request.)

Dandelion –    P1,200/night. Good for 2 persons. (But can have 1 extra bed per request)

Gerbera -         P800/night. Good for 2 persons only.

Honeysuckle- P800/night. Good for 2 persons only.

*extra bed at P250/night

Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY Crate-Shelf

We just opened our new addition to our house for rent in Dahilayan, Bukidnon. My mom wants us to think of nice ideas to decorate out new house. Since we're kind of on a tight budget I thought of a plan to recycle some old materials from our farm. I made our carpenter nail together some cratea from our farm. Bought some plastic flowers for a cheap price and then reused some old styrofoam. Actually I was pretty happy how it turned out to be! I also used some old beer bottles and covered them with twine. placed old books and magazines! and some frames to give it a little light. hehehe thinking of making more DIY soon. Might be selling some too.

I love the idea of recycling things! It's also saving the earth one step at a time and also earning from it.

My Spiderman

My son is currently on a spiderman craze! and he’s only 2 years old! Turning 3 in less than a month, but boy he knows how to pick his fave super hero! I am one proud mama! hehehe That’s why when i learned thy there’s going to be a “meet and greet with spiderman” on our local mall, I made a point to really bring him on stage to get his picture with his friendly neighborhood spiderman! He was so thrilled and was so happy!
The picture’s a little blurry. hehehe
I was so happy that he really had fun that day! he even got the chance to have a coloring session with other kids
pardon my son’s posture hehehe
And since then he would constantly remind us that he would like to have a spiderman birthday! When we went to the mall yesterday, we bought him his first ever costume! and he loved it!
He seems to be playing the part so well. Plus we also bought him his own spiderman shirts and his new fave spiderman pillow!
would you look at that handsome smile early in the morning!
Sometimes, i feel so excited when my son tries to be a big boy already! or should I say that He’s already a big boy
One thing I know for sure, that my Thirdy will be my one and only friendly neighborhood SPIDERMAN
With proud and happy Mommy and Daddy!!!