Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Spiderman

My son is currently on a spiderman craze! and he’s only 2 years old! Turning 3 in less than a month, but boy he knows how to pick his fave super hero! I am one proud mama! hehehe That’s why when i learned thy there’s going to be a “meet and greet with spiderman” on our local mall, I made a point to really bring him on stage to get his picture with his friendly neighborhood spiderman! He was so thrilled and was so happy!
The picture’s a little blurry. hehehe
I was so happy that he really had fun that day! he even got the chance to have a coloring session with other kids
pardon my son’s posture hehehe
And since then he would constantly remind us that he would like to have a spiderman birthday! When we went to the mall yesterday, we bought him his first ever costume! and he loved it!
He seems to be playing the part so well. Plus we also bought him his own spiderman shirts and his new fave spiderman pillow!
would you look at that handsome smile early in the morning!
Sometimes, i feel so excited when my son tries to be a big boy already! or should I say that He’s already a big boy
One thing I know for sure, that my Thirdy will be my one and only friendly neighborhood SPIDERMAN
With proud and happy Mommy and Daddy!!!

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