Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY Door-Name-Hanger

A few weeks ago, I posted my DIY crates as shelf and is now being used in our newly built cabin for rent. Over the long weekend i was looking around the house for any other recyclable materials that i may use to make te door name hangers for our room for rent also. I realized That we had a lot of old dvds. I thought of creating something out of them as they are taking a huge space over our tv. With a little help from my mom and my husband, I am very proud to have made this!


my finished product! yay!!

So this is how I made this.I hope you could bare with me on this DIY post of mine. hehehe


These are the materials that you will be needing

First, I printed out letters to the name of the rooms that I will be making. Then my mom helped me buy cutting the letters one by one. Make sure that the letters are large enough to be read. I used georgia for the font and the size of the font as 200.


Next is that I traced the dvds on the scrap cloth that I had. That scrap cloth was a trimming of our buntings that we made for our coffee shop. I traced the number of dvds according to the number of letters for the room. Then, I let my husband cut out the cloth carefully as to follow the lines that were made.


I hope you could bare with me on the next steps. I havent taken any pictures further because my phone’s battery got drained. But don’t worry, the next fee steps are very easy!

After all the circles were cut out, I used the shiney part of the DVD (the part of the dvd opposite the label) and placed glue all over it. I used an average amount just to cover the whole dvd. Then i carefully placed the cloth over it. Wait for 10-15 minutes for it to dry. Then I placed the cut out letters in the center od the dvd. Continue doong that till all of the letters can now be read. Then I made small roses using the crepe paper and placed it somewhere that it can be recognized. I also use the scrap bias tape to make a rose.

Then I cut small pieces of the crepe paper made it into a small paper mache circle then outlined the dvds.It is very important that you measure first the dvds to the door so that you’ll know what design to use to make it fit. After measuring, I used the glue gun to put the dvds together then i let my husband put more hot glue at the back of the dvds before i could place them on the door.

Now you can sit back and enjoy your creation! I hope you guys enjoy it and I promise, the next time I make a tutorial, I post more detailed photos! hehehe thank you!

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