Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lending our Hands

Last December 16, 2011 at around midnight, my city Cagayan de Oro was hit by typhoon Sendong. Many people lost their properties and their lives also. It was a bad time for us. I knew a lot of people who lost their loved ones, who lost their home, some of my friends stayed on their roof and some also hanged on trees as they try to cling on for their lives.
My family was fortunate enough that nothing happened to us or our property. and i can really say, that during those times, social media was the number 1 tool that made us all aware of what was happening around CDO. through facebook and twitter, i found other people who were willing to help others in need. Me, together with my family, my husband and my siblings and some friends also decided to do small things for our fellow kagay-anons.
together with my sister Karen Gadot (@kgadot) Justine Raagas (@justineraagas) and Eira Caberte (@EiraCaberte) we started the carepacks for the mothers and kids from infant to 2 years old. We recieved donations from abroad and from all over the country. We were also fortunate to have worked with some of the volunteers from All Hands! we pitched up tents as temporary home for the victims of the typhoon Sendong. It was also thru twitter that i was invited to put up tents with them. thanks to Irene Aserios (@mindanaoan) Jacque Baula (@jacqueebaula) miss Emz Cortez (@IamPinkEm) Emil Cid (@bukidnonvoice) and our friends who came all the way from Manila! Gero and Jill David! they are siblings who learned about us thru twitter also. The odds of them finding us to help rebuild CDO. Also to the volunteers of Ate Irene and CDO Bloggers also who helped in rebuilding the city after the tragic event.
I find it very empowering helping each other stand up after the depressing and tragic event that came upon us. It was as if we (the volunteers) knew each and everyone already by heart. It was an awkening to us that even strangers could become the brothers and aisters in the pursuit of doing something good for the others.
We feel very blessed also that a lot has helped us from the different parts of the world! we have gained new friends along the way, all though they live in different countries with dofferent cultures but when it comes to helping, they became one with us! I will never forget those times where we shared my home made carrot cake after a days work of pitching up tents at Tent City 2!
7 months has passed away after Sendong, and some of my old friends have transferred homes, moved on. Some areas still needed a lot of cleaning work to do. Rehabilitation is on it’s way, and I hope we kagay-anons would still continue to work hard for the betterment of our city!
the tents are here! with some of the All Hands volunteers
having some coconut juice with the local kids!
with the pretty miss Emzzz
with some of the volunteers! Ate Irene Aserios, Miss Emma, Jill, Gero, and my husband Gilbert and the volunteers from All Hands!

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