Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas treats at SWEET SENSE CDO

Christmas is my favorite time of the year! it's where family and friends gather around and Celebrate the Birth of Christ and of course the Season of Joy and thanksgiving! Christmas here in the Philippines wouldn't be complete without the......foods!! lots and lots of them! well we have parties almost everyday since the start of December, Exchanging gifts and all the festivities! And what way to celebrate Christmas than to bring home home baked goodies for your loved ones and during Christmas parties and Noche Buena! Sweet Sense is a home based business where home baked cookies and other pastries are made with the most quality ingredients at an affordable price!!

7" Banoffee pie! :) It's with Toffee, Bananas and loads of whipped Cream.. How can you go wrong with it? A dessert that you will surely love! Great for Noche Buena too.

8" carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and toasted walnuts!! I know you guys want to have a slice of this heavenly treat!

One of their famous Chantilly bars. A classic recipe from their Mom. Those chewy goodness you'll always want to have. This is great for Christmas parties for school and offices!!

Try also their Chocolate Chip Cookies! made from imported ingredients!! love how the cookie melts in your mouth and the texture of the chocolate chips compliments the chewiness of the cookie itself.

Their sugar cookies are very colorful and very festive! hand crafted by the owner herself. great for gifts, children's Christmas parties and Noche Buena too!

Meet their Choc0 Overload Cake!!! not for the feint of heart! for those who are chocoholics this one's for you! Made from imported chocolates and the creaminess is to die for!! this is one of their best seller cakes!!

This is one of my personal favorites!!The Red Velvet Cake!! i love the rosette design and the surprise you get when you slice it up!! great for Noche Buena or for gifts this Christmas!

One of their best seller also! the Carrot Bars! healthy and very much yummy! great for Christmas parties or for family and friends gathering this Christmas!!

I am sure by now you have already thought of ordering one! Every order that you get is guaranteed fresh and home baked!! Contact them at their Facebook page Sweet Sense or text them at 09267461714. Place your orders now guys!! Feel free to follow them also on instagram: sweetsensecdo

Friday Fill-Ins!!!!!

My little family! something to be really thankful for!!!

1. Oh, I am so happy right now
2. pizza was my favorite part of the big meal yesterday.
3. Where does all pokemon go? hehe
4. last wednesday was filled with so much happiness
5. This weather makes me want to sleep all day
6. happiness and love; these are some of the things I wish for my loved ones.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching a basketball game with my hubby, tomorrow my plans include seeing my blogger friends (yay!!) and Sunday, I want to go to church to praise and thanks God!

TOKYO-TOKYO to open soon in CDO

Great news to those fellow Kagay-anons who loves Japanese food! The famous Japanese food chain from Manila is opening it's doors to us here in Cagayan de Oro on November 29, 2012!
This new food chain will be an addition the the new pig out paces to go here in CDO. They are located at the 2nd floor of the Limketkai Mall. Be sure to visit them when they open. I heard that their red tea is very famous. 

A lot of my family and friends love Tokyo Tokyo. My parents for one never forgets to go to Tokyo Tokyo whenever they're in Manila. Another new place to explore with friends and family! And I am very much excited to say that me and some blogger friends of mine are invited during their opening! Will keep you guys posted! Continue to read my blog for the next couple of days for more updates! Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rovilson Fernandez and Daniel Matsunaga for Planet Sports!

During the Opening of Centrio! We got the chance to meet and greet Rovilson Fernandez and Daniel Matsunaga at the Opening of Planet sports!! Their fans had a chance to get some picture and autograph with them! We got to do a little interview with them as well.

Both of them are very athletic. They make sure that they keep themselves fit and healthy all the time. I think that's what most of us should all do now. Be active and be fit and it's fun when you do it with friends. And of course in working out you need to have the right gears like shoes and other stuffs that would help you in making sure that while doing exercise you are also safe and comfortable. Planet Sports offers a lot that you could use while staying fit and healthy. They carry lots of brands for shoes depending on the sports that you like. What i liked most about them it's that they have soccer shoes for kids also. Which in time I know thirdy (my son) is gonna need one. They have the latest products from shoes to shorts to work out clothes all for men and women and all sizes. They have brands there from Nike, Adidas, K-Swiss, New Balance, Arena and so much more!  Visit Planet Sports now. located at the second floor of the newly opened CENTRIO mall

Thats how Daniel and Rovilson got inside Planet Sports!! Fans all over the shop waiting for them!!

Fans outside waiting for the GO signal from the Managment on when they can have their autographs and pictures with Rovilson and Daniel

Getting Ready to Sign some Autographs!

ahemmm.. thats me in the center! hehehe

Available at planet sports!

Their fans eager to get inside already!

our Video interview with them!

the voice your hearing interviewing them is Miss Mindanaoan.
This is our video with Rovilson Fernandez and Daniel Matsunaga!! Very down to earth and very nice guys as well!! Hope to see you guys soon!!

French brand Yves Rocher Opened here in Cagayan de Oro

Yves Rocher is botanical brand where for the past 50 years they have harvested from their own organically grown plants. After harvesting it they extract the best ingredients that they can find on the plant and they manufacture it on their own factories. After that they are the ones who distribute it. You may think that because this is a french brand then it is expensive, but when i checked out their newly opened store in Centrio CDO together with some blogger friends of mine, i could say that their products are very affordable. yup! that's true! Quality and safe product at an affordable price! The company just turned one year here  in the Philippines this year. Their products are for all skin types.  They have a wide array of products from Make-ups, Fragrances, Body care, Hair Care and Bath and Shower. You can also choose products according to your skin type, it's no problem. They also have Gift Ideas at an affordable price. Always on the go, or if you're the type of person who loves to travel,? You dont have to worry of leaving your beauty care products at home, because Yves Rocher also has travel packs for you guys! Feel free to visit and Explore their shop locate at the first floor of Centrio Mall in CDO.

That's not all, aside from giving us botanically based beauty and skin care products, the company also has this project where they call it "plant for the planet" They are giving back to nature by pledging to plant 50 million trees by the end of 2015. Not only is the company making us men and women feel pretty but also they are helping the environment thourgh their project. An we can help them too, Every time we buy a Jardins du Monde Vetiver from Haiti Revitalizing Shower Gel, a Culture Bio product, a refill of the Hamamélis or Inositol Végétal lines, or the Radiance Shampoo a tree is going to be planted! 


 Products for your hands and feet.

Body care.

Skin Care Specific are products depending on your skin types.

I've tried this bacth and i tell you guys, i love the feel of the scrub on my skin. and the nice cool feeling after putting on the moisturizer. love the toner too, it's not harsh on the face.

Anti-Aging Products

Looking for gift packs this Christmas!! here you go!

Their sweet smelling perfumes!! and the price is affordable too!

Body wash at an affordable rate! good for traveling too!!!

botanical lip balms!!

Their make up nail polish. Got the chance to ask miss Monica if their Nail polishes are safe for pregnant women and she said yes. since its botanical also no need for pregnant women to be worried. Even their make ups also are botanical! how cool is that.

Thank you very much Yves Rocher for giving us a chance to explore your store here in CDO! Thanks for the Many information and freebies also!! visit their facebook page guys! and their site also

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First Ever Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in CDO opens in Centrio

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, an International Coffee Company, Born and Brewed in California since 1963 opened it's first branch here in Cagayan de Oro together with the opening of Centrio an Ayala Mall.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has 800 stores worldwide. Outside the US. they have  stores located in Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Isreal, East Malaysia (Sabah), Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Qatar  Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.  Next year, The company will be celebrating their 10 year in the Philippines. They are Hoping to end this year with their 56th branch.

The company is very proud of their numerous industry firsts, like for example.  The Original ice blended is the very first that started the frozen coffee craze which now is very famous with a lot of coffee drinkers. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf does not use syrups but instead they have their own propriety powders that gives their coffee drinks a lot flavor superior than any other. Which also makes the coffee creamy and smooth.

Also they serve Breakfast all day! for those people who just cant get enough of the breakfast food, you can always get them at Coffee Bean and Tea leaf. Their food are made from the highest quality of Ingredients.

Not only are they giving us the best beverages but the company also takes part in community services. They have this program "Give In To Giving (Changing Lives with Every Cup) Campaign" where they sponsor 8 (eight) University Scholars through the Real Life Foundation's "Adopt-a-scholar" program.

This year, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is committed to raise 5 million pesos for Habitat for Humanity's "I build campaign". You can be a part of it through the puzzle. You can buy each Puzzle Piece for 100 Pesos then you place it on the Puzzle board located inside the Coffee bean and tea leaf shops. when the puzzle is complete all proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity's I build Campaign. Helping is as easy as that.

Now Let's go to the fun and yummy part!

During their opening we had the chance to taste some of their favorites. lets start with the most famous drink they have. The Red Velvet Ice blended! so yummy and creamy. Love that it tastes like the cupcakes also. you can have it of your choice whether Ice Blended or Hot. With the Hot Red Velvet hot Cocoa, really makes you think of cupcakes! yup! that's right, the aroma smells of freshly baked cupcakes!  And what i love about this drink it's that my son can enjoy this also without worrying any caffeine content on it! safe for pregnant women too!

Red Velvet Ice Blended

Red Velvet Hot Cocoa
We had the chance to try their Chai tea latte! which is by the way very nice and very soothing to the throat. I personally am not that fan of tea's but when i tried this it made me ask for more. The tea does not over power the drink. love the way it smells so refreshing. never had the chance to look at tea this way before. I have my own personal Favorite! I just love the Moroccan Mint Tea Latte!! it makes me think of thin mints and Christmas, very nice for the cold weather. My husband's personal favorite is the White Chocolate Dream. He loves the creaminess of the drink but its not that sweet. Very nice and flavorful also.

Moroccan Mint Tea Latte

White Chocolate Dream Latte

Feel free to visit Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf at their newest Branch in Centrio Mall CDO. Try their other coffee flavors and pastries too that I'm sure you'll love!

This is their giving journal. Not you ordinary journal as it contains a lot of surprises and a lot of good things when you open it. What i love about it is that they have a part where its called "tap a shoulder tracker". This tracker helps you track down the good deeds you have done per month. There is also a page there where you can put down your goals for yourself, your family and friends. it's not just a journal but an everyday reminder that you have to do better for yourself and for others a s well. I'd like to get my hands on that giving journal. How to have it? just complete the stamps shown below!

 If you complete all the 12 sticker slots you'll get the chance to get the giving journal. It's as easy as that!

They also have the SWIRL CARD! It's their loyalty card where when you spend 100 pesos on any Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf products whether by cash or by card, you get 5 points. 1 Swirl point is equivalent to 1 peso that you can buy on anything in their shop. You can use it to buy your next drinks or just about anything. You can also put cash on it directly into the card and you can use it the next time when you want to up-size or buy something.

This is the puzzle that i was talking about earlier in the blog. you complete the puzzle by buying 1 piece for 100 pesos. When the Puzzle is complete all proceeds goes to Habitat for Humanity's I build project! you did not just enjoy your cup of coffee but also you have done your share for the community in your own way.

This is the Puzzle found at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Centrio Branch!! Let's fill those Puzzles up now guys!

Lot's of yummy pastries for you to choose from to pair with your awesome drinks!

the modern design of the counter got our attention! very nice and very clean to look at. Well lit too.

How cool is that clock?!

Love the design of the mugs! shows a little bit of the history of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Photo credit to:
With my Fellow Bloggers together with Miss Monica and Miss Elaine of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!!!!! Thank you Very Much for the invitation and warm welcome!!

Like their facebook page: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines.
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