Monday, January 26, 2015

Sweet Sense CDO

I have blogged about my sister's online bakery business before and now I am giving you guys some updates on her pastries. As what you can see here, this is her cherry blossom inspired cupcakes! But aside from that she has other more pastries to offer you guys. So hold on tight and make sure to message us or call us as soon as your sweet cravings come knocking at ya'!

This is by far her very very famous smore's lava cookie cups. Need I say more to describe this very delectable cookie cups. These little fella's are sure to get you going with some sugar rush. Chocolates and marshmellow do really go together dont you think?

Ooooohhhhhh. This cake is special. For all those who would like to give some "umph" in your surprise birthday cake for your loved one's I recommend you order this enticing and tempting chocolate cake. Happiness = chocolate! Yum!

One of her latest addition is her nutella cheescake. I tell you guys if you're a fan of those nutella spreads, then I'm pretty sure, you guys will love this one! This is a special cake as the client asked it to be personalized for their daughter.

And of course, my sister's famous oreo cheesecake cookies! Yup! You got it right. If you're the type of person who loves to munch on oreo's will this is something for you. Creamy and crunchy and well, I need you guys to try it and tell me yourself how this tastes like!

Sweet sense CDO can be found on facebook. Just search for SWEET SENSE CDO. We are also on instagram @sweetsensecdo add us up guys! Or contact us through our number +639267461714

Of course we have something new for you guys to try out as valentines day is almost up! Order early to avoid the hassle. Remember it's always nice to try on some homemade goodies and putting on some SWEET SENSE to it! *wink*

Sunday, January 25, 2015


The most beautiful day in the universe is here! Today is the coronation night of the 63rd Miss Universe 2015 being held today in Doral, Miami! 88 of the most beautiful girls in the world will compete today in one of the most awaited day every year! I bet, the girls representing their respective countries are already a winner! The chance to get to represent your country is a winning moment already. The title Miss Universe of course is the most promising title one can bring home to her country. For the past 3 years, the Philippines has made it through the top 5 and now we are really praying that Mary Jean Lastimosa, our representative will bring home the crown!

Miss Universe is going to be held live today, January 25, 2015 at Doral Miami. For live streaming go to or its airing live via satelite at star world. Go MJ! Mabuhay Philippines

Mj Lastimosa in her Philippine National costume


My sisters and I decided to treat our mom for lunch at Dave's beanery. While we waited for her,my son wanted to order some cake. So he opted for the cake that looks so yummy and big. That cake is the Oreocolate. I love how the cake is so massive in size. It's great for sharing at 185 per slice. The cake is so worth its price. As you can see it's top frosting is chocolate with some chocolate shavings, the middle filling I think is vanilla and the third has cookies and cream filling on it. We enjoyed our dessert that lunch time. Totally worth your money to try at Dave's Beanery

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bangsamoro Basic Law Caravan

It's been a while that we've been hearing about Bangsamoro. Living in Mindanao and as the youth in this country, I find it best that we should be aware of what Bangsamoro is. It is our duty to learn and be aware. These are the schedule of the different Bangsamoro Caravan in CDO in different schools. This activity is powered by the different youth organizations in CDO ang led by the CDO muslim youth organization. Lets take part in it, and know the importance and basics of the Bangsamoro basic law.

Dining at Dave's Beanery

Their Al prociutto Pizza (photo courtesy from Dave's Beanery's facebook page)

In my pursuit in looking for a nice, cozy place for me to study out, I stumbled across this very cute, feel-at-home type of a place near Savemore Kauswagan, along Kauswagan Highway. What attracted me the most was they have huge slices of cakes displayed in their chiller. Thats why I said to myself i have to try their cakes here. When I went inside, I found the place so comfy and so perfect for me to have my study out. The chairs are comfortable, the decorations were nice and homey! They also have a second floor, which is my favorite part ofcourse because it provides comfy chairs and you're kinda provided your own space where you wont get distracted by lots of people passing by. They have outlets to charge your gadgets with and of course, the food is to die for. As of now I dont have pictures yet of the food that I have eaten there but I will blog about them soon as I get to try their food again. They have their own WiFi connection so we could instagram and document our stay there. Their coffee and chilled beverages are also amazing. Order their Berry Iced Tea! I know I will love that iced tea from them.

The food that I would like to introduce to you is their Al Prociutto Pizza. My family and I are pizza loving people, and I must say, i already have my fave pizza's here in CDO. The 4 cheese Pizza from Angelo's Ristorante and this yummy pizza here from Dave's Beanery. If your a lover of pizza and a lover of cheese, then you gotta try this one. They serve it hot, and the mozarella cheese will blow you away. So if ever you're around town, try to chill and have fun at Dave's Beanery!

They now have two branches to serve us! Their branch near Savemore Kauswagan, and their second branch located along Kauswagan Highway near Jollibee. You can't miss it.

Look them up guys, they're also on facebook. Just type Dave's Beanery. See you there!

New year! I'm back

Meet my son and my daughter

Hi guys, it's been such a long time since I've posted here. I have been very busy the past year. A lot has happened over the past months and I say, the year 2014 was by far one of the most amazing year for us. I took the NLE last may 2014 while still breastfeeding my daughter yana, and guess what, I passed the board exam last May 2014. After passing the exam, i enrolled myself to Law school. Yes I dared to walk in the unknown waters of law school, fresh out from pregnancy and being a fulltime mother for quiet a while. Still breastfeeding my daughter i managed to pass the first semester, but I tell you guys, the journey was not easy but it was all worth it. Studying Law for me made me feel like I belong. Thats why I decided to continue with it. All the while having a kindergarten and a 1 year and 6 months old daughter that is by the way still breastfeeding! Yay! ,I managed to keep myself sane, although there are has been a lot of crying on the sides, but I got the hang of it.

Since I miss blogging, I decided to make time for it! Yup, I will write and I will make a schedule for it! That's my new years resolution! I hope I can do it, because I miss blogging and I miss the cyberspace and all of it's cyber-space-ness if you know what I mean. Well anyway, I will do this everyday! Pray for me! Hehehe

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Breastfeeding! Count me in!

I'm sure all or most of you have heard that "breastfeeding is best for babies up to 2 years of age". In the Philippines we have what we call as the Milk Code. I breastfed my eldest and now I am currently breastfeeding my 2 month old baby girl. ever since i started to fully breastfeed my kids i felt a deep since of happiness. I can really feel the true essence of being a mother because I know that my kids are having the Best milk that I could possibly give them. I struggled at first to know how to properly breastfeed my kids. At first it was hard for me, because i dont know how to position my baby well for him to fully get the enough milk that he needs. but along the way as the weeks turned to months i have learned how to properly position my baby in a way that its easy for the both of us. Breastfeeding my kids, is a great experience. I get to spend more time with her, at the same time it saves us the time and money to go out and buy formula milk which some are quite expensive. Browsing on informative blogs and websites also helped me to learn a lot of things on how to properly breast feed my babies.

Some also say that when you do breastfeeding it hinders you from going back to your old job thats why you have to quit on it. I say NO. you can still breastfeed your baby by expressing, I was lucky enough that my cousin had an electric breast pump and she made me borrow it. I promise you it works like magic! it doesnt make you feel sore or anything and its much easier and faster. The Medela Breastpump is the PUMP! hehehe the price is kinda pricey but the product is so worth it. But if your budgeting you could also do the manual breast pumping. you can buy those in your local drugstore. Just make sure you sterilize all of those things needed for expressing your milk so as to keep it safe for you and your baby. So who says you cant let your babies drink breast milk while your working. But as for me, a stay at home wife and who takes care of business from home I choose to make my baby girl stay close to me. give her the best milk right from the source. 

Just make sure mommies that you drink lots of liquid preferably milk and water. Stay away from caffeine as much as possible and some alcohol too. always remember your baby needs the best milk that he/she deserves. Make sure you eat balanced meals so as to give your baby and YOU the right nutrition that you need. but if you feel like taking those is still not giving you enough milk try asking your doctor about it. My OB-GYNE and my daughter's Pediatrician prescribed me a tablet to drink that can help me improve my milk supply. Im sure you're all familiar of it, well if not email me or leave me a comment so that i can answer you hehe because I'm not sure if I can mention it here on my blog hehehe (still a newbie blogger here!) 

I know at times it may seem very tiring for you but the benefits your baby and you will get through breastfeeding is so worth it. Just remember that the more you spend time with your kids breastfeeding the more your bond as mother and child will be develop.

So I salute all breastfeeding moms out there!! 


Also if you guys know any way how to donate breast milk to local hospitals please do leave it on the comment below. Some mommies reading this might want to donate some of their milk to local hospitals or to a milk bank.