Friday, August 17, 2012

Pearl Farm Davao

A few years ago, my sister came home from her OJT in the UK. The family decided to go on an out of town trip to celebrate my sister's home coming! Since we haven't been to Davao as a family, we decided to have our family vacation there. It took us around 6-7 hours of traveling by land on a private car. But man i tell you my butt was so sore from the travel, i was 5 months pregnant then. I didn't complain because i know that after all this, it's gonna be worth it! And i was right! We went to the butterfly farm and crocodile farm in Davao. We enjoyed it so much, we even played paint ball. Maybe after this post I can also write about the butterfly farm and crocodile farm experience we had. All of these was taken during May of 2009. The rates may have changed since the time we were there. feel free to check their website guys,

Since we wanted to try out Pearl Farm, we went to their reception area. We payed for our rooms for an overnight stay and we patiently waited for the ferry to take us to the island. While we were waiting, we enjoyed playing and talking at their very spacious waiting area.They also have a small cafe where you can sit down, drink coffee and read the newspaper.

When the ferry boat arrived, we traveled for almost 10 to15 minutes from their reception area to the island itself where the hotel was located. We arrived late in the afternoon already, and we were greated by drum rolls, juice and and a short welcome message from the staff of the hotel.


The food was very nice and very delicious. every meal is an all-you-can-eat buffet! We enjoyed the different variety of food that was displayed every meal. The presentation was nice and very tempting to look at for another second heaping. to top of it all, I'd rate it a 10! Their juice is really fresh!


I rate it a 10 also. the sheets are crisp and clean, comfortable beds and the bath room is very spacious and very clean! It's a place where i want to stay for the rest of the day! Knowing i was 5 months preganant at that time, i did not have a hard time sleeping because it was so comfortable to sleep with. our accommodation was in the Mandaya House.

If i could go back again to pearl farm, I'd gladly go back there to fully experience the island. An overnight stay is not enough to enjoy the amenities of the hotel! they also have their own souvenir shop, a spa and of course they have a small vehicle going around the vicinity of the island to accommodate guests to go from one point of the resort to another without having to have sore feet. But on the other side, walking around the resort is also nice because you get to experience nature at it's best and it serves also as an exercise while you're at it. They also have tons of water activities for the guests, but we only did the paddle boat because we were short of our time.

The night we stayed at the hotel, there was an End of the Summer Party at Malipano Island. It's part of the resort but located on another island.We had to ride small boats from our island to Malipano island. It was just a 5 minutes boat ride. They had fire dances, games and of course live band. Don't forget the food! We didnt stay that long at the party because my tummy was already acting up. The baby inside me wants to go to sleep already. To top it all we really did enjoy that party even if we had to leave early

We woke up early the next day to have breakfast and to prepare to check out. I for one haven't experienced the whole resort, but i had a great time because i was with my family and enjoyed the fun activities and the memories we made there together!.

So guys, if you want to have the time of your life and experience a 5 star resort at its totally best, you have to try pearl farm resort! It's more fun in the Philippines! you get to experience nature and have fun at the same time. Check them out at their here.

The Parola Bar

their Spa area.

The early morning shot from our part of the resort.

the pool beside our Villa.

My brother and sister

My mama and Papa, waiting for our ferry boat to take us to the island

Me and my Husband

Checking in at the hotel!

Traveling for almost a day already. hehehe

Our ferry boat that will bring us to the paradise island of Pearl Farm.

Ticket's Tickets!

The Infinity Pool!

This is how i roll and relax! pregnant tourist on the go!

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