Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY Crate-Shelf

We just opened our new addition to our house for rent in Dahilayan, Bukidnon. My mom wants us to think of nice ideas to decorate out new house. Since we're kind of on a tight budget I thought of a plan to recycle some old materials from our farm. I made our carpenter nail together some cratea from our farm. Bought some plastic flowers for a cheap price and then reused some old styrofoam. Actually I was pretty happy how it turned out to be! I also used some old beer bottles and covered them with twine. placed old books and magazines! and some frames to give it a little light. hehehe thinking of making more DIY soon. Might be selling some too.

I love the idea of recycling things! It's also saving the earth one step at a time and also earning from it.

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