Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Breastfeeding! Count me in!

I'm sure all or most of you have heard that "breastfeeding is best for babies up to 2 years of age". In the Philippines we have what we call as the Milk Code. I breastfed my eldest and now I am currently breastfeeding my 2 month old baby girl. ever since i started to fully breastfeed my kids i felt a deep since of happiness. I can really feel the true essence of being a mother because I know that my kids are having the Best milk that I could possibly give them. I struggled at first to know how to properly breastfeed my kids. At first it was hard for me, because i dont know how to position my baby well for him to fully get the enough milk that he needs. but along the way as the weeks turned to months i have learned how to properly position my baby in a way that its easy for the both of us. Breastfeeding my kids, is a great experience. I get to spend more time with her, at the same time it saves us the time and money to go out and buy formula milk which some are quite expensive. Browsing on informative blogs and websites also helped me to learn a lot of things on how to properly breast feed my babies.

Some also say that when you do breastfeeding it hinders you from going back to your old job thats why you have to quit on it. I say NO. you can still breastfeed your baby by expressing, I was lucky enough that my cousin had an electric breast pump and she made me borrow it. I promise you it works like magic! it doesnt make you feel sore or anything and its much easier and faster. The Medela Breastpump is the PUMP! hehehe the price is kinda pricey but the product is so worth it. But if your budgeting you could also do the manual breast pumping. you can buy those in your local drugstore. Just make sure you sterilize all of those things needed for expressing your milk so as to keep it safe for you and your baby. So who says you cant let your babies drink breast milk while your working. But as for me, a stay at home wife and who takes care of business from home I choose to make my baby girl stay close to me. give her the best milk right from the source. 

Just make sure mommies that you drink lots of liquid preferably milk and water. Stay away from caffeine as much as possible and some alcohol too. always remember your baby needs the best milk that he/she deserves. Make sure you eat balanced meals so as to give your baby and YOU the right nutrition that you need. but if you feel like taking those is still not giving you enough milk try asking your doctor about it. My OB-GYNE and my daughter's Pediatrician prescribed me a tablet to drink that can help me improve my milk supply. Im sure you're all familiar of it, well if not email me or leave me a comment so that i can answer you hehe because I'm not sure if I can mention it here on my blog hehehe (still a newbie blogger here!) 

I know at times it may seem very tiring for you but the benefits your baby and you will get through breastfeeding is so worth it. Just remember that the more you spend time with your kids breastfeeding the more your bond as mother and child will be develop.

So I salute all breastfeeding moms out there!! 


Also if you guys know any way how to donate breast milk to local hospitals please do leave it on the comment below. Some mommies reading this might want to donate some of their milk to local hospitals or to a milk bank.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Here goes my Yana!

Hi guys! I've been on hiatus for quiet some time now. I missed the blogging world so much, yup totally missed writing down my thoughts. So let me tell you what happened to me, don't worry I'll be short and quick about it.

I gave birth recently to another one of our miracle. yup, i do consider my children our miracle because I believe we see and feel miracles everyday, we just have to acknowledge it and claim it. So last July 16, 2013, 2 days before my birthday I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. But before we go to that let's have a flash back of the roller coaster ride I had during my pregnancy.

During my 1st month, we discovered that I had a bleeding outside my placenta and that I was advised to be on bed rest for a month. Yeah, I had to be on bed rest during Christmas and New Year. Not to mention the morning, afternoon, mid afternoon,night and midnight sickness that I had hehehe. It was something new for me because I did not experience those things while I was pregnant with Thirdy. When my bed-rest was lifted because the bleeding was finally gone (Thank God!) I was doing fine and was praying very hard that i could go on with my first trimester without any more hassles. When I started my 2nd trimester (during my 5th month) another trial headed along our way. My amniotic fluid was below normal (geeezz) so I was ordered to be on bed rest again and prescribed to drink 4 LITERS of water everyday for a week. After a week, thank God its all OK now. After that ordeal that I went through I was now preparing myself for my 3rd trimester. During my last few weeks of pregnancy, i had to take more ultrasound and some lab tests. You see, my birth plan was to do a normal delivery for this pregnancy. and it was only possible if the baby is small. I had to control her weight up to 6 lbs only. Seeing this because i had a C section with Thirdy because he was in a breech position. A week before I my due date we found out that my baby grew up to 9.1 lbs. I was so shocked. She grew very fast as only 2 weeks ago she was only 6 lbs. so we suddenly had to change our birth plan.

On July 14, 2013, that was a Sunday, i noticed that there were rashes on my belly. My husband and I were very alarmed since we associated it with dengue. So the following day, we went to the hospital to have my blood checked and they found out that my platelet was decreasing. The next day I was supposed to go to the hospital to have my platelet checked again, but before we went to the hospital my mom and I went to church since that day was the feast day of Mt. Carmel. During the mass I realized that my back was aching. that I know is the first sign of true labor. When we went to the hospital I was already 4cm. dilated. We tried to have a normal delivery again, yes because i forgot to make my admitting slip be edited by my OB that I would be a scheduled C Section. So I had labor and I dilated up to 7cm. but for 3 hours nothing happened. my dilation stopped from there and my OB advised my husband and my mother that she's going to do a stat CS now because she's scared that my previous stitches might open up and that I was too tired already.

And there I go on another C-section, but I wouldn't trade any other thing for my daughter. I would go through all the pain in he world just to see her safe with us.

There you go guys! meet our daughter Giliana Joan Karmelle Salise. Our Miracle.

This was taken during my birthday in the hospital...

Meet Giliana Joan Karmelle Salise