Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas treats at SWEET SENSE CDO

Christmas is my favorite time of the year! it's where family and friends gather around and Celebrate the Birth of Christ and of course the Season of Joy and thanksgiving! Christmas here in the Philippines wouldn't be complete without the......foods!! lots and lots of them! well we have parties almost everyday since the start of December, Exchanging gifts and all the festivities! And what way to celebrate Christmas than to bring home home baked goodies for your loved ones and during Christmas parties and Noche Buena! Sweet Sense is a home based business where home baked cookies and other pastries are made with the most quality ingredients at an affordable price!!

7" Banoffee pie! :) It's with Toffee, Bananas and loads of whipped Cream.. How can you go wrong with it? A dessert that you will surely love! Great for Noche Buena too.

8" carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and toasted walnuts!! I know you guys want to have a slice of this heavenly treat!

One of their famous Chantilly bars. A classic recipe from their Mom. Those chewy goodness you'll always want to have. This is great for Christmas parties for school and offices!!

Try also their Chocolate Chip Cookies! made from imported ingredients!! love how the cookie melts in your mouth and the texture of the chocolate chips compliments the chewiness of the cookie itself.

Their sugar cookies are very colorful and very festive! hand crafted by the owner herself. great for gifts, children's Christmas parties and Noche Buena too!

Meet their Choc0 Overload Cake!!! not for the feint of heart! for those who are chocoholics this one's for you! Made from imported chocolates and the creaminess is to die for!! this is one of their best seller cakes!!

This is one of my personal favorites!!The Red Velvet Cake!! i love the rosette design and the surprise you get when you slice it up!! great for Noche Buena or for gifts this Christmas!

One of their best seller also! the Carrot Bars! healthy and very much yummy! great for Christmas parties or for family and friends gathering this Christmas!!

I am sure by now you have already thought of ordering one! Every order that you get is guaranteed fresh and home baked!! Contact them at their Facebook page Sweet Sense or text them at 09267461714. Place your orders now guys!! Feel free to follow them also on instagram: sweetsensecdo


  1. yummmmm!!! I love the Choc0 Overload Cake! the chantilly bars, the carrot bars...ummm..everything! hehehehehehe

  2. Yay!! Thank you very much! They are really our best sellers!! Love the design of the red velvet cake! Great for gifts also! Hehehe thanks for the comment!