Sunday, November 11, 2012

Etude House Finally here in Centrio CDO

The wait is finally over!!! Etude house opened to the Kagay-anons last November 9, 2012. Me and my friends were given the chance to take a tour around the boutique and learn more about their products! 

When we first got in we were greeted by their very nice and accommodating staff "welcome princess" well any girl would love to be called princess  it make you feel like your in for a pampering fit for a princess. They have a wide array of beauty and skin care products.

They have nail care products and nail polish that are so affordable and very nice.

This is the wonder pore where it helps you deep cleanse your pores. This big bottle can take you up to 6 months of usage! ain't that great! savings!!!!!

I super love this are of the boutique  this is where some of the pressed powders and foundations are found. Their best selling eye shadows are located here also.

of course they have the eye shadow primers and different shades of eye shadows for you to choose from.

Those nice looking giant strawberries (in which by looking at them makes me want to eat them.. hehehe) are actually curlers. just snap them into your hair overnight for best results then you'll have those gorgeous curls in the morning. It's very easy to use.

They also have cue tips and cotton puffs. This is totally a one stop shop for all of your beauty and skin care needs. 

Here, miss donna is showing us how to use the BBdation. I love how it massages on to your skin, makes applying foundation even easier and makes it even also. It's battery operated and you can replace the sponge when it's already used up. you can buy the sponge refill here also in Etude House.

they also have the brush cleaner at an affordable price. 

My friend Eia bought this hair coloring where you just have to use it as shampoo. yup! you heard me right! as easy as doing your everyday thing. no need to brush by group of strands. leave it on for 30 minutes then wash it of, you can now have that gorgeous hair color that you wanted! will blog about this soon as Eia has already told me that she loved her hair after using this product! 

Those nice bags can be your just by purchasing a specific amount in etude!

With the very pretty and very nice staff of Etude Centrio!

Excited bloggers and some costumers going around the boutique to check out their products.

with a minimum purchase of 500 Pesos, you van get the Pink card for free. Every 100 pesos purchase the next time entitles you to 2 points.  Those points can then be used to pay for your next purchase.

What i love about this Mascara is that you can adjust it on the coverage that you want. Just turn the knob, put it on 1, you have just a small amount, place it on 2 you have medium amount and place it on 3, you'll have a volumized amount. you can really just use this everyday.

What you can see here is their best seller!!! Miss Dona hand picked all of them. Be sure to check these all out when you visit them in Centrio or SM.

And of course they also have perfumes! even kids love their perfumes. Just goes to show that even little princesses can enjoy Etude house!

Thank you very much Etude house for the opportunity and the freebies!!

Etude house Centrio. watch out also for the opening of their 35th branch here in the Philippines here in SM CDO on November 13, 2012!! hope to see you guys there!!

Thank you very much for these guys!! will be asking my sister to try these stuffs and will try some of them too.. then will blog about it!

 Please like their facebook page. or visit their website for more information on their amazing products!

Photo credits to my loving and supportive husband!! hehe

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