Thursday, November 8, 2012

Video Message from Mo Twister! Straight from NYC

So this is the reason why I was jumping up and down with glee last April. Mo Twister sent me a video message through my friends Mindanaoan. It all started with Mo asking is there anyone who would like to have his extra tickets for a concert there in New York. It so happened that my friend Mindanaoan was there, because at that time she was our country's representative for the IVLP (yay!! one proud friend here!!). So I tweeted Mo that He should give the Tickets to my friend Mindanaoan because she's in New York currently and that she's there because of the IVLP. To my surprise he tweeted back and made contact with my friend there in New York. I was so excited, mainly because i like him! hahaha and I asked my friend if she could give me an autograph of Mo. And this is what I got, much more than an autograph!!! My friend said that Mo was very nice and very friendly.

I just cant wait to go to New York soon and meet up with him!!! hahahaha...

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