Sunday, July 22, 2012

When he smiles!

Every morning I wake up thanking God that I'm alive, and most of all I thank Him because of my everyday miracle waking up beside me asking for his bottle of milk.

The best feeling in the world is to see you child smile and laugh. For me, my son is the one that makes my heart melt, gives me butterflies in the stomach and makes me drop on my knees. Well, the love for my husband is different from my son in a different level.

I feel so blessed and so lucky that I am a mother! It is a feeling so rewarding and so fulfilling. I would do anything just to see him smile! Those smiling eyes that asks me "mommy, whats wrong?" when he thinks that I am sad. That smile that greets me "good morning mommy kat" every waking day I have. The laughter he makes when I tickle him or when his daddy makes those funny sounds when they're playing!

When he smiles, I remember God that made him specially for me and my husband. That angelic face, that contagious smile he makes that made my father smile the day he saw my son inside the nursery of the hospital.

When he smiles, it makes me thank the Lord, how lucky are we to have him, and how blessed my son is that he has a family that loves him to bits!

I love my son's smile! it makes me feel that I am loved and blessed with the best gift that I could ever ask!

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