Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bohol with Love!

This was my first ever trip to the beautiful island of bohol! My husband, who was still my boyfriend at that time wanted to introduce me to his relatives in Tagbilaran Bohol. The time we had was so limited because we only have the weekend to explore Bohol.
From Cebu, we took the fast craft and docked at the pier of Tagbilaran after 2 hours. We stayed at an old house near the Tagbilaran Cathedral. I love the house where we stayed for the weekend because it was quiet and there is no curfew. We were living with the owners of the house and there was a common Comfort Room for all transient guests.
The first thing we did was to go to his relative’s compound where I had so much fun playing and talking with them. then we decided to go to the famous Chocolate Hills. Even though my husband’s family is from Bohol, it was his first time to go there too. It was a very long walk to reach the top, but at the end, everything was all worth it. I loved the view of the hills. They were really like chocolate kisses scattered every where. The air was so fresh! it really took my problems away for a while.
love at first Hill! =)
let there be PEACE
monument for Chocolate Hills
my husband and me with his neice
it’s a long way down!

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