Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dining at Dave's Beanery

Their Al prociutto Pizza (photo courtesy from Dave's Beanery's facebook page)

In my pursuit in looking for a nice, cozy place for me to study out, I stumbled across this very cute, feel-at-home type of a place near Savemore Kauswagan, along Kauswagan Highway. What attracted me the most was they have huge slices of cakes displayed in their chiller. Thats why I said to myself i have to try their cakes here. When I went inside, I found the place so comfy and so perfect for me to have my study out. The chairs are comfortable, the decorations were nice and homey! They also have a second floor, which is my favorite part ofcourse because it provides comfy chairs and you're kinda provided your own space where you wont get distracted by lots of people passing by. They have outlets to charge your gadgets with and of course, the food is to die for. As of now I dont have pictures yet of the food that I have eaten there but I will blog about them soon as I get to try their food again. They have their own WiFi connection so we could instagram and document our stay there. Their coffee and chilled beverages are also amazing. Order their Berry Iced Tea! I know I will love that iced tea from them.

The food that I would like to introduce to you is their Al Prociutto Pizza. My family and I are pizza loving people, and I must say, i already have my fave pizza's here in CDO. The 4 cheese Pizza from Angelo's Ristorante and this yummy pizza here from Dave's Beanery. If your a lover of pizza and a lover of cheese, then you gotta try this one. They serve it hot, and the mozarella cheese will blow you away. So if ever you're around town, try to chill and have fun at Dave's Beanery!

They now have two branches to serve us! Their branch near Savemore Kauswagan, and their second branch located along Kauswagan Highway near Jollibee. You can't miss it.

Look them up guys, they're also on facebook. Just type Dave's Beanery. See you there!

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