Sunday, November 11, 2012

Taters is now here to serve you Kagay-anons!

Together with the opening of the mall also comes the opening of the Cinemas! for a movie addict like me and my husband, watching movies is not complete without the traditional popcorn's and sodas and all those finger foods.  We have been a fan of taters since we were living in Cebu. We cant leave without having those chips to bring with us inside the movie house. When we learned that it's opening here in CDO together with CENTRIO Mall we were so excited! When we arrived there last November 9 during the opening, the color red stall  immediately captured our attention. Taters has a lot to offer for you guys! from popcorn's with different flavors, fish and chips with different dips to choose from also, those yummy burgers and hot dogs  Not to mention the big serving of soda's and ice tea you can choose from! French fries and nachos are also available! Their staff are very nice too! Want another treat from them, let's say you're running late on your movie and the line to pick up your food is still long, you have the option to make them deliver your food inside the cinema for free!!! yup! no extra charge for that. Just inform the cashier your cinema number and your seat number, they will personally deliver your food to you.  So the next time you plan on watching a movie, get your snacks and munchies on Taters. Located just across the ticket booth for the cinemas on the 3rd floor of the Centrio Mall. They also Cater too


My husband excited for his churkey burger!!! 

they also have sugar free pops! I'm getting one of these for my kiddo! hehehe and Gold Cacao coins too.. nom nom!

ohhh yummy churkey burger 

look at the size of that patty!!!!

the popcorn stand!!!

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