Monday, September 24, 2012

Starting Out

A few months ago, I started to get into the world of blogging. While I was still starting, I asked help from my friends who were already into the blogging world earlier than I was. I have learned a lot and also it made me very resourceful to research and widen my knowledge about the computer/techie/blogging world. I found it very fun and it made me feel so happy whenever i could write something. I really believe that when I write it boosts my self esteem and writing is my de-stressor (aside from my family of course hehehe) So I am now encouraging my siblings to blog. It's a way of expressing the things that you feel and sharing ideas to all of the bloggers out there who share the same interests as you. I am so happy that a close friend of ours is now starting to blog. Here is an example of his shots taken by him. This pic is posted on his site. I hope you guys could go and visit his site! 


Im thinking of starting out another business soon. A business that my parents and family suggested that I would do because it's my forte. I think I might try it, because to hear from my family means a lot to me. That they believe in me that I can do it. Will be posting you guys soon on what it is. Have a great day you guys!!


  1. no pros jang! i'll be a constant follower on your blog too. hehehe excited kos imong mga pic. hehehe