Monday, September 3, 2012

5 ways to win my heart

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I have always been a hopeless romantic. I firmly belived that happy endings do come true and that there would always be a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow,Well hypotheticaly speaking. But i really believed in having a ONE TRUE LOVE. But to win my heart I will tell you 5 ways. Not that I'm still searching but i'll tell you 5 things my husband did that won my heart.

My husband has always been honest to me from the very beginning of our relationship. He won my heart because we know that trust is one of the most important key in having a happy and content relationship. Not just for married couples but in any relationship also, be it with friends, coleagues or within the family. I have always been honest to how I feel and to what I think. So I guess it's just right that when someone is honest enought to tell you the truth, you might as well be honest also.

They say that laughter is the best medicine! My husband, although he may appear to be as a shy and quiet person, he makes me laugh all the time. He tells me jokes and just by being himself makes me smile. I admit that i get stressed easily most of the time, but when my husband is there waiting to cheer me up, there is neee a dull moment when i'm with him. I laugh at the smallest things. Thats why it wasnt so hard for my husband to win my heart.

What you see is what you get. I don't sugar coat who I am. I am true to what i am showing other people. Thats whyi fell inlove with my husband because he truly showed me who he really was from the first time that we met during high school. Showing your trye colors makes people more comfortable and will love you even more. He showed me how human he was and i accepted him for that. Maybe that's why we connected easily because we were showing our true colors. So he won my heart by just being himself

Every once in a while, a girl would like to feel special. For me I want to feel special and how appreciated I was. Sometimes I may have bad days where I just want someone to shower me with kind words and sweet nothings! Although my husband doesn't seem to be that expressive, but when he does, he really swept me off mu fight. I always say to him that it's the smallest things you do that matters to me. He sets my alarm clock on my phone anytime of the day with a reminder that says "i love you" or the simplest things of teaching my son to pick flowers from our yard to give it to me anytime my son feels like it which is like always. how sweet is that!

My husband and I first met at the church where we both were going. I have always prayed to God to meet someone who shares the same belief as I am.And he made my dreams come true by giving me my husband who is very God fearing and knows how to bring me closer to God

So i guess those are just some of the things that i can say that can win my heart. I'm just a simple person that believes in simple but things with meanings.

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