Monday, January 26, 2015

Sweet Sense CDO

I have blogged about my sister's online bakery business before and now I am giving you guys some updates on her pastries. As what you can see here, this is her cherry blossom inspired cupcakes! But aside from that she has other more pastries to offer you guys. So hold on tight and make sure to message us or call us as soon as your sweet cravings come knocking at ya'!

This is by far her very very famous smore's lava cookie cups. Need I say more to describe this very delectable cookie cups. These little fella's are sure to get you going with some sugar rush. Chocolates and marshmellow do really go together dont you think?

Ooooohhhhhh. This cake is special. For all those who would like to give some "umph" in your surprise birthday cake for your loved one's I recommend you order this enticing and tempting chocolate cake. Happiness = chocolate! Yum!

One of her latest addition is her nutella cheescake. I tell you guys if you're a fan of those nutella spreads, then I'm pretty sure, you guys will love this one! This is a special cake as the client asked it to be personalized for their daughter.

And of course, my sister's famous oreo cheesecake cookies! Yup! You got it right. If you're the type of person who loves to munch on oreo's will this is something for you. Creamy and crunchy and well, I need you guys to try it and tell me yourself how this tastes like!

Sweet sense CDO can be found on facebook. Just search for SWEET SENSE CDO. We are also on instagram @sweetsensecdo add us up guys! Or contact us through our number +639267461714

Of course we have something new for you guys to try out as valentines day is almost up! Order early to avoid the hassle. Remember it's always nice to try on some homemade goodies and putting on some SWEET SENSE to it! *wink*

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