Thursday, September 20, 2012

Old Hollywood Glamour Wedding

I was very busy these couple of days because I was busy preparing for my cousin's OLD HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR Themed wedding! we searched all places to where we could find suitable dresses that we could wear on that day. Of course my son was part of the entourage as the coin bearer. The wedding made me remember the core value of why a couple wants to get married. It is because we want the whole world to see how happy we are to have taken our vows in front of a lot of people and of course with God's presence to manifest that the love that we have for each other is eternal! I am very close with my cousin Veneath who to her friends she is called as Vee, but to us she will always be our dear Shower! She lived with us for a while before when she first started her college life in CDO. My parents treated her as  one of their daughters. Even when she transferred to Manila to continue her studies there, whenever my Papa goes to Manila, he would always bring her Ham from CDO. When she Graduated from college, My papa was there to see her walk up the stage and get her diploma! Now that she's married, it seems like my papa had another daughter who got married also! Congratulations to Kevin also! who has been so good to us and the rest of the family! welcome to the family Kev! and I'm pretty sure his office mates who flew all the way from Canada had so much fun here in the Philippines!

It was a very beautiful day! a perfect day for a wedding! I have a few snap shot from the day of the wedding! hope you guys enjoy watching it! Credits to my cousin's best friend Ate Margie Mahinay for some of the photos!

The Groom Kevin the one wearing the Beige Suit and his BestMan!

Here Comes The Bride (That's her father waiting for her on the aisle)

The Beautiful bride with her parents

My Son in his cute costume!

That's him at waterfront hotel and casino. Waiting for their go signal to proceed to the Cathedral for the wedding

The Altar from our point of view to where we were seated at the Cathedral

My Family. Thirdy's not that much in the mood to take some pics!

you may now kiss the bride!

my cousin Michelle! I love the outfits of the bridesmaids!

 Me and the bride's sister!my cousin Michelle

With my sister's and my son and my cousin Michelle

the wedding car! the Jaguar on the right side belonged to the couple who's wedding is the one after my cousin's. 

fooling around with my sister while waiting for the wedding to start.

Job well done! we managed to do our make ups so well!

Slicing of the cake!

the souvenirs! (goblet not included. hehe)

the reception!

Entrance of the couple!

The wedding cake! The whole cake can be eaten! yes! no Styrofoam layer! first layer is  a fruit cake, next 2 layers is red velvet cake and the last layer is chocolate flavored

Entrance at the Reception at Casa Espanol

the couple!

the bride's eldest sister with our new niece Anya!!!

Kevin, ate Margie and Veneath!!!

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